I first heard the benefits of CBD when I watched The Truth About Cancer series. I was once one of many who had this image of people getting high all the time for recreational purposes and didn’t stop to think once to really think about it’s medicinal properties. Naturally, once I heard that it reduced inflammation, I looked into it because the more I can keep inflammation down in my body, the least likely I’d suffer from a hashi’s flare up and have to suffer it’s symptoms. I have only used CBD oil, salve and tea so far but I feel that it’s helped improve my quality of sleep and definitely gives me relief when I suffer from joint stiffness. It has even helped my son when he is sore after a rigorous practice, my daughter’s eczema and tummy aches. I gave my son tea when he fractured his finger in hopes that it helped speed up the healing of his bone. There are so many other benefits to CBD that can help and I feel it’s worth for people to give it a try!

Resilient Health Coach