Thrive Market

When I made my transition into a gluten, dairy, soy, grain and legume free lifestyle, I automatically thought that I had to start grocery shopping at Whole Foods or any other natural food store. I had only been inside Whole Foods a handful of times because I was honestly intimidated by it. Everything looked so nice and healthy and expensive! Because I didn’t know any better, I would buy a lot of things from Whole Foods. I felt extremely guilty for spending so much money on so few items, going back home with only bag and feeling like there was nothing to eat. I started to think, “There has to be another way to do this!” So I took matters into my own hands, hopped on my computer and started researching. I researched on the internet, I went through Pinterest, I stalked Instagram accounts and added all kinds of people that were in the same boat as me and had the same goals.

Then I came across an ad for Thrive Market on Instagram. Basically, when I saw anything remotely close to what I could eat, that possibly tasted good, but close enough to what I was eating, I looked into it. I went through every single product page on Thrive and compared prices on my receipts and I couldn’t find one thing on Thrive that was more expensive than the things I bought at Whole Foods. So I paid the membership and never regretted it not one bit! It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve been a member of Thrive Market and I can’t say enough good things about them! You can find a whole bunch of products for much cheaper, sometimes in bigger sizes and things you wouldn’t think you would even find on there. Give them a try, you truly will not regret it!