Rainbow Fluorite Bracelet


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Rainbow Fluorite Bracelet


8mm/Fits up to size 6.5″


Rainbow Fluorite brings a combination of energies to enhance flexibility, free-thinking, and emotional brightness. It can bring enhanced protection in the areas enhanced by all combined types. And it is used to repair muddy or torn areas of the aura. If the multicolor Fluorite is particularly strong in one color, it will also be strong in that color’s area of influence. As such, I would advise those shopping for Rainbow Fluorite to really keep an open mind when handling the stones, and finding out which work best for them. See which pieces call to you most, and if you’re able, handle them to check for that telling tingle in the hand that says this is the stone for you.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × .25 in


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