Green Aventurine Resin Unicorn


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Resin Green Aventurine Crystal Chips Unicorn

Green aventurine has an uplifting and encouraging energy that helps you recognize the talents and gifts you bring to the world, and release the limiting beliefs that have been standing in the way of you sharing yourself confidently.  It brings optimism and hope, with a fresh perspective that can help you find a path around the obstacles and struggles, creatively inspiring you to always find a way forward. This energy is also helpful for studying and staying focused on the task at hand.  Green aventurine is a wonderful soother of overwhelming or tumultuous emotions, helping you feel grounded and centered in your heart space so you can make decisions that align with love. It’s a heart-opening stone that not only benefits relationships but helps you to fall in love with your life! It wants you to relish in all the joy and abundance that’s here already, to release the emotional baggage and old stories that are weighing you down, and open up to all the light and possibilities that await you once you decide you deserve them.

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