Flower Agate with Labradorite Bracelet


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Adjustable Flower Agate with Labradorite & Aquamarine Bracelet


Fits up to size 7.5″

Copper material


Flower Agate helps one bridge the gap between emotions and reality by activating and collecting our heart and root chakra‘s together. Its energies resonate with one’s core and can help better expose damaging and sometimes traumatic pain that we carry. Flower Agate is known for aiding the user in reaching their highest potential. It is also beneficial for analytical abilities, aura stabilization, concentration, emotional disease and trauma, negative energy transformation, perception, and self-confidence.


Aquamarine is beneficial for Aura protection, helping to bring you in contact with your inner and higher self, gently washes away blocks in your chakras, eliminates negativity, fear and stress. Aquamarine is a good stone for logic and reasoning, self expression, growth and intuition. It helps bring calm, compassion, spiritual awareness and development, and reveals truth about oneself, it can also help relieve a judgmental attitude.


Labradorite is good for mental sharpness, intellect, right/left brain activity, inspiration, intuition, and originality. It lets you see many possibilities at once and aids scientific analysis. Labradorite is good for digestion and the eyes. It is a stone that allows magic to happen. It stabilizes the aura and enhances the flow of energy between the aura and the chakras. It helps with insecurity, anxiety, and stress.


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