Aura Druzy Heart


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These crystals are artificially enhanced, although they hold and utilize ancient powers of alchemy. They are created through electrostatically bonding precious metals onto natural Clear Quartz. These enchanting crystals have mesmerizing metallic colors that stimulate the mind, body and spirit.

Aura Quartz healing properties help us see the positive things in life and enable us to connect with the beauty that surrounds us. This crystal promotes joy and pushes us to expand our horizons with new adventures. It helps to clarify our individual paths and allows us to access positive emotions more easily.

Clear quartz is the most useful crystal to use in crystal healing because it is a blank slate that can be programmed with your intention. With focused concentration in meditation, you can set your crystal to assist you with a particular goal, be it manifestation, healing, or any other outcome. It amplifies energy, including the energy of your intention, or the energy of other stones. It can thus support the work you are doing with other crystals.

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