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Stones, crystals and gems have a long history of being part of healing practices in many cultures and traditions since the beginning of human history.  Crystals can be used as powerful and transformational tools for energy and healing.  They have been known to enhance and amplify energy.  Placing certain crystals in certain places in your house or workplace can actually have very noticeable effects on the environment in which they are a part of.  Even carrying around certain crystals with you or in your pocket can have a lot of great benefits to the person.

Our ancestors actually used crystals for metaphysical purposes, healing, and connecting with higher realms of consciousness.  These stones are actually mentioned in the Bible, Koran, and have been used by may wise elders, sages, and seers since the dawn of time.  The Australian Aborigines, American Indians, Egyptians, and Mayans all utilized crystals for various purposes.

The most immediate effects are felt when crystals are used to relax and calm nervous ness or anxiety. They have the ability to instantly calm down and ground this erratic energy, as well as harmonize your energy field.

The other most obvious use of healing crystals is for connecting with your angels and spirit guides. Surprisingly, most people and nearly all children are really drawn and attracted to crystals. They have a natural magnetic pull and it just feels good holding or touching them. Just like you will be drawn to certain colors, you will be drawn more toward certain crystals than others. So you can choose by colors, intention, decorative purposes or whichever crystal is calling out to you the most.  There is no right or wrong way.


I discovered crystals back when I was in college.  I picked a rose quartz tumble, probably because I was going through a sad break up from my high school sweetheart.  I forgot about crystals again until I went through another ending of a relationship, this time it was my marriage.  Crystals brought me peace, they calmed me down, made me feel happy, lifted my spirits and enhanced my meditation practice!  That is how Resilient Gemz came to life!  I now use crystals in my meditation practice as well as my Reiki and Sound Healing.  I hope crystals will bring you as much healing as it brought me!


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