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My Story

My life changed after I had my second child in 2008. That’s when I started to notice things weren’t right with my body and health.

I had my son the previous year, so naturally I excused all my symptoms for postpartum, stress, lack of sleep, working full time, commuting – life. One day, while commuting home with my two babies in the back of the car, I had a “brain jolt” — at least that’s what I called them.

It literally felt like someone would take my head and jerk it and then it would stop. I went to the doctor, but he couldn’t tell me why that happened. Then I started to notice that while I would do data entry at work, I would forget what I was typing and would have moments of feeling like I was loopy and spaced out, also known as “brain fog.” Other symptoms started to come out such as cold hands and feet, hair falling out, acne like I was a teenager, edema of my left foot, heart palpitations, short tempered, anxiety, depression, panicky feelings, digestive issues, weight gain, extreme fatigue, brain fog, tinnitus, chapped lips, insomnia, bronchitis every year, colds 3-4 times a year, lack of motivation, trembling hands and heavy and uncomfortable menstrual cycles.

I felt like I was being tortured slowly everyday, and quietly dying.

After almost a dozen doctors and diagnoses such as carpal tunnel, vertigo, stress, depression, vision issues, needing to accept that my weight will never go down or that I needed to just quit my job or adapt to a new lifestyle…it wasn’t until my son said:

“Mama, if we promise to be good tomorrow, will you not yell at us? We promise to be good.”

My heart crumbled and knew at that point, I had to take control of my health. I ended up quitting my job of almost 12 years, for a number of reasons, but my health was one of them. Luckily, I found a functional medicine doctor who ended up diagnosing me with a gut infection, a hormonal imbalance, Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disease, mercury toxicity, active mono and walking pneumonia viruses and tick bacteria in my system. My life completely changed after this.

It took me about 2 years of detoxing, re-balancing my hormones, changing my diet, getting rid of my amalgam fillings and taking vitamins and supplements and adjusting my lifestyle to get my health back.

Now I feel the best I’ve ever felt in years!

I was that person who loved potlucks at work, I ate what I wanted, hardly exercised, knew nothing about nutrition or vitamins and the importance of foods or where they came from, I was oblivious. My children were my motivation to go back to school and become a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach because they also carry autoimmune issues. I wanted to be a role model for them and to teach them that food can help the body.

I want to help educate others on how to take control of their health

and not rely on prescription medication to feel better — because there are other options and safer alternatives to eating a more nutritious and cleaner diet and living a better lifestyle! I can help you get there!

If you’re looking for an experienced holistic approach to wellbeing then Sherry is it! She understands health and fitness on a whole other level. She is very passionate and excellent resource to a whole new you. I mentioned to her how my knees ache really bad due to some surgeries I had when I was younger and she suggested CBD creme. I was amazed at how well the creme worked and the best thing is that it’s all natural and there are no side effects! Sherry is just amazing!
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