I continued my acupuncture appointments for another month or so, which totaled me going for about maybe a month and a half, before I was forced to stop going due to my flexible spending account depleting.  My acupressure massages got easier each time I went and my digestive system improved more and more.  I learned a lot from my acupuncturist every time I saw him.  I probably asked him too many questions.  But he was nice about it and would always answer them.

I was excited when he’d tell me that he could tell that my c-section scar was getting better.  Even up to this day, when I attempt to do some type of a massage in that area, it doesn’t hurt the way it did when he massaged it the first time.  I remember him telling me that there are specific diets for our blood types.  He went on to explain that not everyone is made to eat the same diet.  His diet consisted of mainly vegetables, some fish here and there, rarely any red meat, on very rare occasions anything cold.  Of course when I went home, I looked up blood type diets and it was fairly interesting.  My diet in particular, which would be the Ab positive diet, was pretty restrictive but a tad opposite of what my functional medicine Doctor recommend I follow.  I thought I had a pretty restrictive diet already.  I followed a paleo diet, so I was already not eating gluten, dairy, soy or any grains.  The Ab positive diet only called for very few meats like lamb, rabbit and turkey.  Apparently duck, goose, pork and beef are bad for me, seafood is okay, surprisingly some dairy is okay, legumes and grains.  But I already know that doing the paleo diet, some of those things I just can’t eat.  I know how my body reacts to legumes, grains and dairy.  All these different diets….too confusing right?  It can be too much, so I decided that I had to just do what worked for me.  Maybe I could do a combination of things and go off of how they make me feel.

By the time I had to finish my acupuncture appointments, my acupuncturist said that my digestive system was way better than how it was when he first saw me.  He didn’t feel too much gunk stuck to my intestines and he felt that my immune system was a lot better.  Thank goodness, no more IBS symptoms.  I can honestly say that I had a new found respect for those that suffer with digestive issues.  It’s not a fun thing to deal with at all.  It can be very debilitating.  I walked away knowing that I should definitely keep drinking ginger tea and make it be a natural part of my daily routine.  It was going to be hard to not drink as many cold things, as I didn’t want to burn out my “fire” but that will be a work in progress.  So here I was….once again on my own with my health in the palm of my  hands.  Hopefully I don’t screw it up again.