I was excited!  I called an acupuncture office near my house and scheduled a free consultation.  My holistic Doctor had helped me so much but I wanted to go deeper into things from a different perspective.  I went to my consult and sure enough, one of the issues I did have was a spleen qi deficiency.  He had also noticed that I had something going on with my heart and some female issues as well.  All of this was discovered by simply looking at my tongue, feeling my pulse and just looking at my physical appearance.  It took me by surprise when he offered to start a session that very moment. Looking forward to feeling better, I accepted.

My session was just how I had remembered my sessions were before, from when I was attempting to conceive my first child.  He placed the needles in certain areas, some didn’t hurt, some I felt, some felt uncomfortable, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  After all the needles were put in, he’d leave the room and allow me to relax and let the needles do their work.  After about 30 minutes or so, he would return.

Then my acupuncturist actually start massaging me, or I guess it would be acupressure massage.  At first it was fine, I could handle it, but I could tell that there were some areas on my body that he’d massage, that were tender.  Real tender.  I mean, so tender, to where I would have to clench my jaw, tense up and hold my breath.  He would kind of laugh at me and say that he wasn’t even applying that much pressure.  But apparently, the more tender the area, the more work that needed to be done.

I’m also a question person.  I LOVE to ask questions because I LOVE to know the “why” of everything.  I mean, why shouldn’t you know right?  You’re paying for it, wouldn’t you want to know the why’s of how you got here, how to prevent it and why they’re doing what they’re doing on you?  I went on to ask questions of why was he doing these massages, what area represented the area he was massaging, what points can I work on at home for weight loss, headaches, etc.  He would laugh and ask if I always asked this many questions and I told him yes.

He moved on to massaging my c-section scar and when I tell you that this was painful, it was painful!  I don’t know if I’d rather go through labor again, than go through the massaging of that area.  But I learned that because of the two c-sections I had, it created scar tissue underneath.  When that happens, there is no blood flow to that area.  So it’s kind of like your body forgets that area is even there.  So your weight/fat just kinda sits there like a stubborn log.  Needless to say, the time in that area only lasted a little bit in the beginning because I would literally be grabbing the sides of the table, twisting in pain.  Apparently, the more pain I could take, the better.   The quicker the results would be, so massage away!  Even in the other areas of my stomach, some areas I could take pain better than others.  It was fascinating to me how he could tell that I had “gunk” stuck in certain areas of my intestines.  He went on to explain to me how our gut health is so important.  How our immunity starts from the gut.  I found that comforting knowing that chinese medicine believed in that, like in holistic health.  He explained how colon cleanses were really popular in Taiwan and how he couldn’t understand that it wasn’t in the U.S.  “Money driven,” is what he said.  That our country was big on pill pushing.  I happened to agree.  I had to come in twice a week he said.  I wasn’t happy about that.  But hey, whatever made me feel better,  I was down for it.  One appointment down, many more to go!