Okay, it was 2015 and surely after being diagnosed with all of my wonderful conditions and my antibodies down, fillings removed, viruses de-activated and detoxing done, that had to be the year of where I thought I got the whole thing down packed.  I felt great!  I was actually able to exercise and not feel utterly exhausted after, most of my symptoms had subsided, I thought I had a pretty clear understanding of what not to do to cause a flare up.  I did my best to keep my stress down, but being a stay at home Mom, that can only go so far, but I was very good at not doing too much to overwhelm my body.

The diet, however, was always a challenge for me.  I love food and I missed all the foods that everyone else around me would eat.  It was challenging to have two kids who kept you on the go, always wanted to go to places and parties, and when it came time to eat, there I was, looking at the menu or asking my friends what they were having at their party, before we arrived.  I did my best, I really did.  I even did the whole, trying to eat before the party, bringing your own food to the party and then I just caught myself becoming more and more relaxed with the whole thing.  I know that for myself, I had to steer clear of eating a meal that consisted straight up of gluten or dairy.  I pushed my limits by sneaking in my kids pizza crust, just so that I could have that little taste of pizza or pasta, or see just how good that ice cream cake tasted by sneaking a corner piece.  Or overlooking that if I ate a Caesar Salad without the croutons, that somehow the salad dressing would still be just fine, even though it had dairy in it.  This continued and there I was at the end of summer, watching myself sneak in all these little snacks and bites of food that I knew I shouldn’t be eating.

Then one day, I ate some sliced deli turkey that was questionable.  The container that it was in, was slightly open.  The question was, how long was it opened for?  I went ahead and ate it and boy oh boy, did I regret it.  My stomach started to grumble and I just had this constant feeling of discomfort.  A constant gurgling and bubbling in my stomach, which eventually turned into diarrhea and soft stools.  Surely this was food poisoning so I decided to just wait it out and hope that it would run its course.  I cleaned up my diet, tried to eat bland foods, easily digestible foods etc and finally after a month, I gave in and told my holistic Doctor about it.  He advised for me to take some supplements and within a few weeks my stomach was back to normal again.  Not fully, but enough for me to move on in my daily activities without any discomfort.  I’d experience some grumbling and bubbling here and there but nothing too awful to where I felt like I couldn’t function.

The end of the year came and the holidays were here.  During “special” occasions, I would always veer off my diet, just as long as I told myself to get back on it the next day.  We had Christmas at my in-laws that year and I brought some food over for our Christmas lunch we were having and one of the items I brought were those little spiral sandwiches that you get from the grocery store.  The kind that has cream cheese, or swiss cheese, with lettuce, tomato and some kind of meat.  Yeah well, I had 4 of them, and within a few hours, my stomach was infuriated with me.  I sat there on the couch, feeling totally off, just not right at all.  I began to feel nauseous and I really tried to keep it together for as long as I could.  I eventually went into the bathroom and had full blown diarrhea, I broke out in a cold sweat, my stomach was cramping, I felt hot and I even threw up after.  It was almost early evening and we lived an hour and a half away, without traffic and I was scared to death of driving home, for fear of not being able to “hold” in my bathroom needs.  I quickly gathered all of our belongings and literally ran out of the house and into our car, hoping we would avoid traffic.  I made it home in an hour and 15 minutes but let me tell you, that it was the longest drive I had ever experienced in my life.  I literally had to squeeze muscles in places that I never knew existed but I literally had to go to the bathroom the whole time I was driving.  My kids felt awful for me and they were worried.  I was speeding through lanes, going around cars, I felt like I was gong to die.  We got home safely and needless to say, it was an explosive night!  And it continued for a few days after that too!

I remembered a sorority sister telling me she had digestive issues not too long ago, so that urged me to go on Pinterest and look for home remedies for stomach issues.  The first thing I did was start drinking ginger tea.  That made a HUGE difference.  The diarrhea stopped and the bubbling and gurgling was cut in half.  I even e-mailed my Doctor and I ended up ordering the same supplements that I took a few months earlier for the food poisoning I had.  I was on the road to recovery.  Although I had felt ten times better, I still didn’t feel totally back to myself.  So I thought, why not go back to acupuncture again?!  When I was on Pinterest and got the ginger tea idea, I ran across a few posts talking about how if you have a spleen deficiency, ginger tea would do wonders for your digestive system.  Of course when I looked into spleen qi deficiency, all the symptoms matched what I was feeling and I remember when I had originally gone to an acupuncturist to try and get help conceiving my first child, I remember the acupuncturist telling me I had the same issue.  So I finished out the rest of the year, eating clean, drinking my ginger tea and not veering off my diet at all.  I was excited yet frustrated because this would be, yet another health journey I was taking.  Here we come acupuncture!!